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Sharon Griffiths

Property Investor, Lifepreneur and Published Author

Lisa was recommended to me by another VA a year ago. The words used were; “ Lisa is a great VA and I think she will meet your needs”. The original VA was a very astute person, because she was right, she was spot on.

Lisa has exceeded my expectations in many ways. When I have ideas about what I want to happen or have produced into written form as a document and share with Lisa, she will take the idea or resource that I have initially produced and do her magic on it to enable these to be manifested into something better than I can imagine.’

Lisa listens and runs with ideas, using her varied skills and works with me so that what is produced is not just a stand alone resource but also systemises it to enable organic evolution of an evergreen resource. Through what Lisa does, there is a greater peace of mind within me and I am finding that I am able to do more of what I love to do in life and business and less of what I would rather not do.. because Lisa lives to do this and does it much better than I could ever do and in much less time.

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